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NFL Primetime Schedule 2018: List of Monday, Thursday and Sunday Night Games

As NFL fanbases across the country scour the 2018 schedule following its release Thursday, division rivalries, potential postseason showdowns and holiday matchups surely stand out.

So do the night games.

It is difficult to top the pageantry of NFL night games, where a nation of football fans all tune into the same game under the lights with the hopes of seeing some of the sport’s biggest stars. This year’s slate of night games will be no different, as powerhouses such as the New England Patriots, Green Bay Packers, Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers all make appearances.

These annual meetings broke up Wednesday afternoon. Perhaps a return home for all will bring some sanity to the How The Beckham Turns soap opera.

Barrett will never be a clone of Wilson or any similarly mobile quarterback who’s also an effective thrower. But he can do the scrambling part well enough to maintain the foundation of an offense for a short period of time, which would make him a successful backup.

Barrett averaged just 6.7 yards per attempt during the 2015 and 2016 seasons for Ohio State before improving to 8.2 in 2017, and he’s underwhelming at best as a passer. But he’s dangerous as a runner, as evidenced by the 3,263 yards and 43 touchdowns he recorded on the ground over four collegiate seasons.

Central Dauphin East High School head coach Aaron Blanding recalls the first time Edmonds took the field as a freshman.

Put him back on kickoff return, and he took it back for a touchdown, Blanding said by phone. He wasn’t one of those guys who would just talk the talk.

But no one was knocking down the door for a 160-pound running back-cornerback. Until a man named Gump May, who was the defensive coordinator at Central Dauphin East, met Edmonds. May coached a man named Andrew Breiner. Breiner happened to be the offensive coordinator at Fordham.

I think I got a kid, you gotta come down and look at him, May told Breiner.

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