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Will Peterson and McKinnon continue to deliver fantasy value?

The fantasy blocking breakdown series reviews the impact that run and pass blocking have on fantasy football performance, using methodologies detailed here.

This week’s fantasy blocking breakdown will review if Adrian Peterson’s successful debut with Arizona is an omen for things to come, detail the scoring sustainability for Jerick McKinnon and Jay Ajayi and look at the blocking issues that are crushing the fantasy value of nearly every Raiders player.

Bills first-year coach Sean McDermott acknowledged his team’s strides, but said more work must be done.

After Wentz’s third touchdown pass of the first quarter, Torrey Smith, Alshon Jeffery, and Agholor participated in a baseball celebration, capped off with Smith hitting a home run:

Nobody’s done group celebrations better than the Lions this year, but if the Eagles are able to keep bringing these week in and week out, they can surpass them.

But let’s return to Del Rio’s decision-making process. I don’t even care that he went for it, because whatever. I’m sure there’s some projection out there that shows why you should go for it every single time, no matter what the situation, and all that’s fine.

But you know what else is totally sweet? Watching Marquette King put his laces through a ball and seeing the triumphant parabola of a punt in flight.

Leave the razzle dazzle at home, Del Rio. You didn’t get here as a wild man bucking conventional wisdom. You got here by wearing team-issued leather jackets and winning 12 games with Jacksonville in 2005. Let King kick.

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